Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tips and tricks for MSN Messenger

Here are a few tips and trick for MSN Messenger

* When you start MSN Messenger you get always a pop-up from ‘msn today’, when you want to turn off this. You go to extra, options, general, and you tick off the fourth option ‘Display MSN today by sign in’. Click now OK.

* When you have a problem on your PC but you don't know how to solve it you can give a friend of you who knows the answer the control over your PC. This allows him to help you as he can remotely control your entire PC.
You can find this feature in a MSN Messenger chat window by clicking on Activities, and then select 'Remote assistance'. When he, or she, accepts it he can see everything what you see on your screen and can remotely assists you. Of course you cal always stop him by pressing the 'ESC' button on your keyboard.

* When you want to control your ‘receive files’ op viruses automately. Then you have to change it in the options because its not a standard setting. You find it by ‘file transfer’ and the you trick on ‘files scan for viruses with’ and then you chose your antivirusscan en click OK. When you get a file now it will be scanned now.

* With the launch of MSN Messenger 6 people are now able to add custom emoticons. But many people still haven't figured out how. Well here's the answer.
You first need to save the emoticon, or smiley, on your PC. Then you open a chat window and you click on the Smiley button where you find the casual emoticons. Click on 'more' and then on 'make'. You now get a new window where you can search the emoticon on your computer and add it to MSN. Then you need to assign a keyboard shortcut and a name and click twice on OK. Now you can use the new custom emoticon!

* With MSN Messenger 7.0 you can also 'steal' emoticons from other people, and it's very easy. When your buddy uses a smiley you want you can simple select the smiley, right click and select 'add'. Now you just need to assign a keyboard combination and a name to the new smiley.
You can use the 'stolen' emoticons by going to the normal emoticons menu.

So, I hope you can do something with these tips.


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