Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hitman Pro 2.4.3

Hitman Pro is updated to version 2.4.3. This program downloads and executes divers antispyware and antivirusprogram like Ad-Aware, Spy Sweeper, Spybot, Spyware Blaster, CWSShredder and Trend Micro Sysclean.


Added installation of the new Flash Player (Flash8b.ocx). Adobe updated their previous Flash Player (Flash8a.ocx) without increasing the version number. The new version solves a problem with Flash on Windows user accounts with limited access (previously, Hitman patched some registry keys to solve this problem).
Added a countdown timer when updating Spybot Search & Destroy. Spybot S&D some times hangs during update (not receiving data, halting the Hitman process).
Added AES-256 encryption of statistic packages for the Hitman server. Some users tried to make a hobby out of hacking and manually uploading trash to the statistics server. With the AES encryption, the statistics will soon return on the website.
Added support for Spyware Doctor 3.8. Users running a previous version of Spyware Doctor are not upgraded by Hitman (yet).
Added Universal Plug and Play Survey. With this survey we would like to get an insight in how vulnerable users are for UPnP misusage by spyware/trojans. Using UPnP, trojans can use an existing or add a port forward to the router/firewall, rendering the firewall useless against attack. Result of the UPnP scan is AES encrypted and sent anonymously. We will add a UPnP manager in Hitman Pro 2.5 so the user will have full control over UPnP (incl. ability to automatically delete an open UPnP port forward when a trojan misuses it).
Added automatic installation of Windows Security Update KB912812 (addressing a vulnerability with the "createTextRange()" method call). The Security Update replaces the eEye JScript patch.
Added our own removal of the eEye JScript patch. The uninstaller supplied by eEye Digital Security caused a security warning on systems running Norton AntiVirus. Our own uninstaller also verifies if the Microsoft JScript library is properly installed (and repairs Microsoft JScript when a problem is found).
Added use of "Segoe UI" font when it is found on system. "Segoe UI" is the default screen font used by Windows Vista and Office 2007.
Updated Hitman Pro user interface so it integrates better with the current Windows theme (appearance).
Replaced Windows Disk Cleanup with our own cleaner. Also, in rare situations, Windows Disk Cleanup could cause problems with unfinished MSI based installers.
Improved speed when generating software database and installing external tools.
Replaced standard messages with Vista-like messages to give the entire Hitman Pro interface a more similar look and feel.
Removed Spyware Block List from Browser protection. The Spyware Block List is no longer updated nor available from its manufacturer.
Compiled Hitman Pro binaries using new AutoIt compiler and using UPX 2.0 compression.



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