Friday, September 23, 2005

Software update: Auto Gordian Knot 2.18 beta

Auto Gordian is update to version 2.18 beta. The program makes use of Divx of XviD for videocompression and AC3, dts or mp3 for audiocompression. This release is a little bigger than 1,5 MB and has to be installed over the 1.95 stable.

What's new:

- ESS standalone compatibility options forces HT profile for DivX as well (previously only Sigma/MTK did that)
- Added support for M1V input sources
- Fixed handling of DV sources (broken in 2.17)
- DGIndex updated to version 1.4.4 RC2
- XviD build of 16/09/05 included


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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Software update: iTuneMyWalkman 0.5

People who has already a Sony Ericsson Walkman W800 phone, there's great news. iTunesMyWalkman 0.5 makes it possible to synchronise the phone with Apple's iTunes. With this, this cell phone get from one of the largest concurrents from Apple in the field of music players, a comparable functionality as the ROKR-phone. It works only with Mac OS X-systems

Release notes from the first release till now:

- 0.5 - The tracks are now really synchronized, instead of just uploading the playlist contents. The mounted phone is automatically detected so the user does not need to choose it. Support for playlist folders of iTunes 5.
- 0.4 - The space needed on the phone is correctly calculated. Ability to upload more than one playlist.
- 0.3 - Automatic detection of when you connect the phone. iTunes is no more locked up when the script is running. The program now comes with an installer.
- 0.2 - Smarter handling of albums with multiple artists and tracks with featured artists. Trying to get rid of nasty ._files.
- 0.1 - Initial release.


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Software update: 7-Zip 4.27 bèta

Yesterday, the developers of the 7-zip archivingsprogram has released a new bètaversion of it. This program can work with diverse compression-formats, but is specialised in his own 7z-format.


- 7-Zip can unpack CHM/HXS (MS HTML HELP) archives
- 7-Zip can unpack multivolume CAB archives
- Now 7-Zip deletes files to the Recycle Bin by default. Shift+Delete deletes file permanently.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localization: Tatarish


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Software update: Aplle iTunes 5.0.1

Only 2 weeks after the release of the first Apples iTunes 5-series there's already a successor.

What's new?

Features a new even more powerful instant search, including the new Search Bar which helps you find exactly what you are looking for in iTunes or from among 2 million songs on the Music Store, folders for organizing playlists, and new Parental Controls for music, music sharing and podcasts. Features several stability improvements over iTunes 5.


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Software update: GMail Drive 1.0.8

You can use your GMail-account as a virtual map with Gmail Drive. So it's possible to drag your files from and to the directory. After you drag a new file to the folder you'll get a new e-mail in your Gmail inbox which includes the file you just dragged.

Now version 1.0.8 from GMail Drive is available and it's delivered with the following notes:

Google restructured the Gmail login procedures again and previous versions of the tool fail to log in. The new version also adds the ability to double-click to launch files and FileOpen dialog support.

Please note that GMail Drive is still an experimental tool. There's still a number of limitations of the file-system (such as total filename size must be less than 40 characters). Since the tool hooks up with the free Gmail Service provided by Google, changes in the Gmail system may break the tool's ability to function. I cannot guarantee that files stored in this manner will be accessible in the future.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

AbiWord v2.3.99 Released

AbiWord has announced today the last version of AbiWord before the long awaited 2.4 release.

Since the previous release, equation support has become available for Windows 95,98 and ME based systems as well. We are aware of a bug that prevents equations from being printed on Windows systems. This problem will be fixed in the upcoming 2.4 release.

Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Windows 9x, Windows XP

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Monday, September 19, 2005

More security problems found in FireFox than in Internet Explorer

Research firm Secunia writes that over the past few months more security leaks were found in Firefox than in Internet Explorer. You can hardly draw a conclusion, but it's strikingly that more leaks were found and more exploits were published for Firefox than for Internet Explorer.

From March till now 40 bugs were found for Firefox while there were only 10 vulnerabilities for Internet Explorer. And form April till September 11 exploits where published for Firefox while there were only 6 for Internet Explorer.

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Software Assurance obliged for Windows Vista Enterprise

Windows Vista Enterprise will be available for clients that participate on Microsoft's Software Assurance program. That appears out of the announced extension on the licence program. The enterprise edition offers beside a multilingual user interface also the most extended support to change the data, to run old applications via Virtual PC, and installation of the operating system and applications via a few disk image.

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