Saturday, October 01, 2005

Software update: Cabos 0.5.5

Cabos exchanges files through the Gnutell-network and is partly based on programs ass LimeWire and Acquisition. The simple interface supports more languages and has also integration with iTunes. On the Japanese pages of Sourceforge is version 0.5.5 appeared.


- Completed Dutch localization. (thanks! > Ger, Rudy)
- Now automatically detects & notify personal firewall blocking.
- Fixed download folder menus.
- Fixed removing inactive uploads.
- Fixed connection issues when the computer is idle.
- Allow to share .wmv & .asf files again.
- Reverted core to LimeWire 4.9.28.

Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher
Mac OS 8.6 of higher
Windows 2000/XP

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Software update: Wine 20050930

To run Windows programs also under other operating systems, a few years ago they are started to develop the program "Wine" and meanwhile this is already running on Linux and FreeBSD. The developers are still working on it but the result is this version with number 20050930.

This are the release notes:

This is release 20050930 of Wine, a free implementation of Windows on Unix. This is still a developers only release. There are many bugs and unimplemented features. Most applications still do not work correctly.

What's new with Wine-20050930:

- Joystick force feedback support.
- Beginnings of Win64 support.
- Many MSI fixes and cleanups.
- Font linking support.
- Several OLE fixes.
- Some fixes for MacOS/x86.
- Lots of bug fixes.


Slackware i486
SuSE 9.0
SuSE 9.1
SuSE 9.2
SuSE 9.3
SuSE 10.0

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Windows XP SP 3 comes after the release of Windows Vista

Service Pack 3 for Windows XP won't be come out before but after the release of Windows Vista. The priority's of the developersteam from the softwaregigant lie now by Vista.
A few less functions of Vista will be supposed present in the big update of XP.
Service Pack 3 is planned for next year.

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Software update: Skype

Skype has just declassified version of the Windows variant of the same named VolP-program.

  • Call Forwarding
  • Skype Test Call Service prepopulated to Contact List for new users
  • 21 new emoticons
  • My Pictures: possibility to choose pictures from Expressive Content
  • RingToneManager for Expressive Content of audio files
  • Contact List accessible by Microsoft Active Accessibility
  • API: application-to-application communication
  • API notifications for contactlist selection and focus
  • API: set profile information
  • API: call forwarding via API
  • API: support expressive content files SET RINGTONE and AVATAR
  • multilingual EULA
  • advanced Skype links
  • number of friends displayed in Profile View form
  • possibility to set connecting sound from Options
  • added dynamic messages for help and tips
  • possibility to select and copy profile fields
  • new layout for Getting Started Wizard
  • Search window redesigned
  • Add friend window redesigned
  • Import Contacts redesigned
  • quicksearch on addressbar improved
  • improved call related error messagas
  • 'minimize' button minimizes Skype to taskbar
  • warning dialaog added when calling to SkypeOut using callto: links
  • option to disable authorization message popups
  • MSN contact importer removed from Import Contacts
  • upgrade prompt supressed if installer is launched with SILENT or VERYSILENT
  • removed latin spanish language
  • option to view online release notes after installation removed
  • option to create a Quick Launch icon removed from installer
  • explanatory text in Profile View if user has not been online recently
  • month names in Profile are translatable
  • options dialog is changed to nonmodal
  • Send Authorization dialog is changed to nonmodal
  • main window minimum size changed
  • new language files
    • Swedish (Anders Olsson)
    • Finnish (Heino Keränen)
    • Danish (Mathias Schwarz)
    • Norwegian (Stig Auestad)
    • German (Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli)
    • Dutch (Kees Koenders)
    • French (Fabrice Imperial)
    • Italian (Conte Daniele)
    • Portuguese Brazilian(Anna Nyström)
    • Hebrew (Ronen Ben-Naftali)
    • Russian (Viktoria Randalainen/Tatjana Kruti)
    • Polish (Ewa Czekalska/Karol Szastok)
    • Spanish - (David Reche)
    • Estonian (Eve Loopere)
    • Japanese (Tomo Suzumaru(Livedoor)/Mayu Shimizu)
    • Greek (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos/Magenta LTD)
    • Chinese Traditional (Morden Chen/PChome Online)
    • Chinese Simplified (Leon Yang/TOM Online)
    • Korean - (Daum Communications Corp)
    • Romanian - (Paraschiv Ion & co)
    • Turkish (Emin Dede)
    • Arabic, Korean (Eriksen Translations Inc)
    • Hungarian (Mark Bender)
    • Bulgarian (Nikolina Filipova, Nikolay Filipov)
    • Czech (Petr Silon)
  • shortcut to desktop - dropped always, despite preferences
  • changed sound channel usage,therefore improving the stability on older
    operating systems
  • improved Multi Chat behaviour on multiple monitors
  • authrequests do not pop up if your status is Do Not Disturb
  • optimized loading of user-language file
  • optimizations to have faster log-in
  • improved unicode handling on win98
  • status was incorrect in chat titlebar when disconnected
  • improved URL parsing in chat
  • addressbar search updated when new contact added
  • 'start skype when windows starts' option will revert to default
  • 'Enable All Sounds' option missed one checkbox in Options dialog
  • wrong folder created to Documents and Settings when changing avatar
  • toolbar texts not visible on clean install
  • improved error handling when selected sound file is too big
  • keybaord navigation in language editor
  • Ctrl+F in chat window shows non-active main window
  • toolbar buttons were not updated on some cases
  • API: Error is returned if OPEN ADDAFRIEND command has too many parameters
  • API: Using query id messed up replies to NAME and OPEN FILETRANSFER commands
  • API: During voicemail recording SEARCH ACTIVECALLS returned call id
  • API: When offline user tried to make a call with query id, error was
    returned without query id
  • API: Contactlist change notifications were sent when focused contact
    actually did not change
  • API: Other API messages were sent before “attach success” message

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Software update: Messenger Plus! 3.60.144

Patchou has released a new version of Messenger Plus!, version 3.60.144. This is an add-on for MSN Messenger with which you can rename your contact, draw up text and leave messages when you are away.
This version supports MSN Messenger 7.5.

This is the complete changelog

  • Obviously, this version is now 100% compatible with MSN Messenger 7.5. One
    of the main things that has been fixed for this version of Messenger is the
    detection of contact names changes (thus fixing bugs with custom names, floating
    contact windows, ...).
  • Brand new feature: Tabbed Chats!

    • The Tabbed Chats feature groups some or all of your chat windows into one
      single window. A group bar is then displayed to switch from one chat to the
      other. This feature is available in MSN Messenger 6.0 and above.
    • Each chat can be accessed with one button in the group bar. When new
      messages are sent to a grouped chat that is not active, the group bar button
      flashes. When possible, the chat is also brought to front (various internal
      variables control how button flashes and when chats are put on top).
    • Shortcut keyboard F9 groups all chats and Ctrl+F9 adds the current chat to
      the group. Shortcut keyboard F8 ungroups all chats and Ctrl+F8 ungroups the
      current chat from the group.
    • You can browse your tabbed chats with two sets of keys: Ctrl+PageUp /
      Ctrl+PageDown and Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab. The later can be disabled with the
      AllowGroupCtrlTab registry setting if you want to keep Ctrl+Tab to insert tab
      characters in your messages.
    • You can use Ctrl+Alt+Tab to go to the next flashing chat or to restore the
      original chat window when no more flashing windows are present. This shortcut is
      very useful when talking to a lot of people.
    • Left clicking on a chat button puts the chat on front, middle clicking on a
      chat closes it and right clicking displays a context menu with several options.
      Ctrl+Left Click detaches a chat from a group.
    • Middle clicking on an arrow button normally scroll the chat buttons by a
      full page. However, when a chat that is not currently displayed in the bar
      flashes, the appropriate arrow button flashes too and middle clicking on an
      arrow button at that time brings you directly to the flashing window.
    • The group bar can be displayed vertically on top or horizontally on the left
    • The size of the buttons is dynamic when the bar is horizontal and fixed when
      it is vertical. In both cases, the preferences panel has an option to change the
      width of the buttons. If the bar is horizontal, the width is used as a minimum
      required width instead of a fixed one.
    • Of course, an option exists to automatically group all your chats when they
      are displayed by Messenger. After installation, if several chat windows are
      opened, Messenger Plus! automatically asks once if you want to enable this
      option or not.
    • You can drag&drop files and text on group buttons the same way you can
      drag&drop stuff on floating windows.
    • Chat windows that are displaying Messenger Activities (such as games) keep
      their own size and don't affect the size of the other chats in the group.
    • The tabbed chats have their own set of settings, available in the
      preferences, to suit the customization needs of most people.
    • You can close all the chats of a group by holding Ctrl when exiting the
      window (clicking on the X button). This behavior can be inversed with the
      "GroupCtrlCloseAll" registry setting.
    • When a grouped chat contains unread messages, Messenger Plus! automatically
      switches chat windows after some delay if the group is not currently active.
      This delay can be changed with the "GroupAutoSwitchDelay" registry setting.
    • Because of several technical differences, the tabbed chat feature is not
      available in RTL versions of Messenger (Arabic and Hebrew).

  • The new custom sound feature continues to be very popular so some things in
    it have been improved:

    • A language can now be assigned to every sound in the Add Sound Wizard.
    • You can assign a language to your existing sounds by going in the Sound
      Property window (click "Edit Sound..." in the library window). You are
      encouraged to send your modification to the server (see below).
    • A new "Update Server" button has been added in the Sound Property window.
      This button allows you to send the sound to the server so that its information
      can be updated. Sounds are normally sent only once to the server (in a given
      period of time) which can cause listing errors to be maintained for a long time.
      If you notice a name, category or language error for one of your sounds, just
      correct it and hit this new button: anybody who will download the sound
      afterwards will have the corrected information.
    • The Random Sound window now allows to specify a desired language. Please
      give this option some time before it really starts to be useful as existing
      sounds need to be re-uploaded by everybody to the servers with the language
      information set.
    • The sound ID displayed in the Sound Properties window can now be selected
      and copied easily (for use in commands for example).
    • Added a tooltip for the selection bar in the Add Sound Wizard so that
      everyone knows that double-clicking the bar opens a different selection window.
    • Getting new random sounds is now a little faster.
    • Temporary files generated by the Sound Wizard are now properly deleted every
    • Importing a sound pack by opening a link in IE now always works (no need to
      save the file first).

  • No "Messenger Plus! Extras" menu is displayed for "mobile number only"
  • Added "SideBarColor" registry setting for people who use skins.
  • There's no more room in the preferences for the new features! there are
    already 25 sections in the preferences window and it's been some time already
    that I've been bothered by this problem. To accommodate the new Tabbed Chats
    preferences section, "Commands & Tags" has been renamed "Commands &
    Keys" and moved in "Message Helpers". To make room for it, the "Text Recall"
    section had to go. The feature still exists but the options attached to it were
    not that useful for most people (they are still internally supported if you
    update from an old version though).
  • Added a link in the Chat Logging preferences section to go to the encryption
  • The "Action message formatting" option has been removed from the preferences
    (the registry settings are still used though, if you're updating from a previous
  • Thanks to user feedback and because of the need for a user agreement for
    Messenger Plus! itself, the setup of Messenger Plus! has been completely
    re-thought, once again.

    • The one main concern reported by users since the last modifications was
      clarity. This new setup intends to definitively fix that problem.
    • The installation of the sponsor program is now asked directly on the second
      page of the setup. The text displayed there is short and to the point,
      describing what the sponsor is, the fact that it's adware and insisting that
      it's optional.
    • No option regarding the sponsor is checked by default (just as before but it
      can't hurt to mention it again).
    • The sponsor license agreement is not displayed above the installation choice
      anymore (which was the reason of most previous complaints). Instead, it is
      presented to the user separately if and only if the user chooses to install the
      ads. This means that in order to install the sponsor, you now have to accept it
      twice, first by selecting "Install the sponsor program" and secondly by clicking
      on "I accept the terms of the Sponsor's License Agreement".
    • The sponsor agreement window now displays a bigger and brighter screenshot
      of the search bar installed (not by much but still). Also, the fact that this
      screenshot and the agreement itself are presented in a different window, bigger
      than the main window itself, brings more clarity to the setup, preventing too
      much information to be displayed on a single screen and getting more attention
      from the user.
    • The third screen of the setup now displays the new Messenger Plus! terms of
      use. Every user must accept them before proceeding with the installation. This
      way, the overall setup looks much more "standard". I know there will be a period
      of adaptation for every people to understand that the last page of the setup now
      displays a license agreement for Messenger Plus! itself and not its sponsor but
      that's a problem I'm willing to assume.
    • Messenger is not automatically started at the end of a silent installation
    • I'll watch for your feedback regarding this new setup and I'll make the
      necessary adjustments if you deem it necessary. I want the setup to be as good
      as possible, once and for all.

  • The auto-update window doesn't appear to frozen for long when the Messenger
    Plus! web site can't be reached.
  • The file sharing feature of Messenger Plus! was not that useful as is so it
    has been redesigned and file triggers have been added to it:

    • For each file entry you can set a different trigger (IRC like). A trigger is
      a message preceded by ! that, when sent by a contact, will automatically send
      the specified file on your behalf.
    • File triggers can have many uses. For example, if you just had found and
      downloaded a great program/music/video, you could advertise a trigger for it in
      your personal message.
    • An option (off by default) allows contacts to send a !listfiles trigger to
      get the list of every file you are currently sharing with triggers.
    • A simple flood protection is enforced by Messenger Plus! rejecting new
      requests that are sent too quickly.
    • I know some of you will request a password for this feature but in a way,
      they are already implicitly supported: a trigger can have up to 100 characters
      and can include spaces. So if you create a trigger "!myfile thepassword" you can
      advertise for it as "!myfile ".
    • For security reasons, file triggers do not work in chats with multiple
    • A /fileshare command has been added to access the file sharing panel.
    • Remember that Messenger is not a software designed for mass automatic file
      sharing. Messenger Plus! does not bypass any of the native protections of
      Messenger which means for example that if you are using Messenger 7, some file
      extensions will be forbidden (you can use the StuffPlug plugin or Windows
      Messenger to avoid that problem). Also, please remember that Messenger
      automatically limits the number of simultaneous file transfers, Messenger Plus!
      cannot do anything about it either.
    • Currently, up to 12 different files can be shared through this

  • The action of playing custom emotion sounds is now logged in the Messenger
    Plus! chat logs.
  • The "Messenger Plus! Extras" menu for groups is back in Messenger 7 (useful
    to block/unblock groups). Note that if the width of your contact list is too
    small, the menu may not appear.
  • A new plugin function has been added called "AddEventEntry". This function
    allows plugins to add custom entries in the event viewer and event log file of
    Messenger Plus!. The version sent by the Initialize() function is now 7.
  • No more logging problems when an email begins with a system reserved word
    such as "com1".
  • Two registry settings have been added, "AttachToWinMsg" and "AttachToMsnMsg"
    which allow users to ask Messenger Plus! not to add its functionalities in
    either Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger.
  • An important bug has been fixed that could prevent Messenger Plus!, in very
    specific occasions, to not attach to Messenger or a chat window properly.
  • Added a link to the page in the Sound Library window.
    This will help people get access to statistics and new sounds.
  • The Boss Protect and Messenger Lock features don't change your status
    anymore when it's already Appear Offline.
  • Messenger Plus! now recognizes personal messages (Windows 2000/XP only). For
    now, this means that personal message changes are logged in different places
    like in the event viewer. Note that music name changes are not logged for space
    reasons (too many of those can be received, it would fill up the event log
    pretty quickly). More support for personal messages will be added in a future
  • The previously active window is always properly restored after an
    auto-accept command.
  • When a dialog box is opened, the auto-accept feature waits for it to be
    closed before accepting the request (to avoid various problems).
  • Added an option in the "Messenger Plus! Extra" menu for contacts to open a
    http link present in the name or personal message of a contact.
  • Alternate Attach Mode now works a little better.
  • Because of the new keyboard shortcuts of Messenger, the "Plus!" menu of the
    chat window is now accessed through Alt+U.
  • Auto-accept now works properly when a request is sent in a new chat window
    and the preferences specify only one kind of request to accept.
  • And of course, as always, many other small bugs have been fixed for your
    enjoyment :).

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    Software update: Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 2

    Microsoft has released the second Service Pack for Office 2003. The update is available in 2 possibility's. The first is the client install and will be enough for most people. The second is the full install and is necessary for people who don't have an original product CD or if the client install doesn't work.

    Included in the Service Pack:

    - Office 2003 Service Pack 1
    - Security Update for Office 2003 WordPerfect 5.x Converter: KB 873378
    - Office 2003 Security Update: KB838905
    - Update for Office 2003 French Grammar Checker: KB873381
    - Office 2003 Tablet PC Update: Improved Ink Recognition
    - Update for Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003: KB887982
    - Update for Office 2003: KB887980
    - Update for Office 2003: KB885828
    - Update for Office 2003 French Spelling Checker and Thesaurus: KB892258
    - Security Update for Word 2003: KB887979

    Full downloadlinks:
    Office 2003 SP2 - KB887616 client installer (49,4MB)
    Office 2003 SP2 - KB887616 full installer (101,8MB)

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    Software update: Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 3.2

    Adobe has brought out a new version of Camera Raw. This is a handy plugin for CS2 and Photoshop Elements 3.0, with which you can open RAW-files directly without first to convert to an other redivision. The software isn't new, there's only support added for a few cameras. Sof if you already work with this plugin, you don't need to update.

    Support for the following cameras has been added:

    - Konica Minolta
    ALPHA-5 DIGITAL (China)
    DYNAX 5D (Europe)
    - Leaf
    Valeo 17
    Aptus 22
    - Leica
    D-Lux 2
    - Nikon
    Coolpix 8400
    Coolpix 8800
    - Panasonic
    - Visit the Camera Raw page for a complete list of supported cameras.

    Downloadlink for Windows
    Downloadlink for Mac OS X

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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    Software update: 7-Zip 4.28 beta

    The archivingprogram 7-Zip is yesterday updated to version 4.28 beta.

    There is just a small update:

    - Bug was fixed: 7-Zip 4.27 beta created incorrect multivolume archives.
    - "Duplicate filename" collision problem between names with ligatures was fixed.


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    Software update: NewsLeecher 3.0 final

    After several months and 9 betaversions there is the successor of version 2.3. With this program you can read messages out of newsgroups and download files on Usenet. NewsLeecher can download from several servers at the same time, it has support for yEnc-code.

    The 3.0 final changelog:
    - We've just setup a forum poll for future features to be included in NewsLeecher. Please cast your vote!
    - Speed improvement when reading and writing NewsLeecher settings data. The interface will be more responsive in various places now.
    - Small bugfixes.


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    Software update: Foobar2000 0.9 beta 9

    Foobar2000 is now updated to version 0.9 beta 9. It's a no-nonsense audioplayer for Windows. This is how the changelog of this version is looks like:

    - redone most of converter and rgscan
    - fixed issues with cuesheet handling
    - removed ALAC decoder (stability issues)
    - removed recorder
    - removed tag update queue; you can now update tags on currently playing file

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    Software update: Mozilla Suite 1.7.12

    Mozilla has released a new version of Mozilla Suite, 1.7.12. Downloads for the different operating systems can be found here. You can read the complete release notes here.

    This are the most important:

    - Fix for a potential buffer overflow vulnerability when loading a hostname with all soft-hyphens
    - Fix to prevent URLs passed from external programs from being parsed by the shell (Linux only)
    - Fix to prevent a crash when loading a Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) script that uses an "eval" statement
    - Fix to restore InstallTrigger.getVersion() for Extension authors
    - Fix a crash in mail when stopping a search and then searching again
    - Other stability and security fixes


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    Monday, September 26, 2005

    Software update: MozBackup 1.4.3 beta

    MozBackup 1.4.3 is a program to make a backup of the profiles and data in the following programs: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite and Netscape. So it's possible to save e-mails, bookmarks, contactpersons, saved passwords and more.

    Changelog of MozBackup 1.4.3

    - Add: Support for SeaMonkey 1.0a
    - Add: You can specify output file format now. See backup.ini.
    - Add: Users needn't run MozBackup many times when they need backup many profiles.
    - Add: You can specify output directory for backups for every application.
    - Add: You can select program or profile by doubleclick.
    - Add: Backup of bookmarks backup.
    - Fix: Bug with password handling when you restore a backup.


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    Software update: Tweak-XP Pro 4.0.6

    Totalidea brought us the new version of Tweak-XP Pro.. You can tweak Windows XP with this program. For example: clean up the register, block pop-ups, get detailed systeminformation, create a RAM-drive, repair zip-files,...


    - Service release
    - Fixing a few minor issues
    - Several code optimizations


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    Sunday, September 25, 2005

    Google Talk beta

    Google Talk, the instant messaging from Google is now updated to a betaversion, To use Google Talk you need a GMail account for loggin in.

    You can download the new betaversion here.

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    McAfee Anti-Virus 2005-09-23

    McAfee Anti-Virus includes the latest virus definitions. It detect, clean or erase malware like viruses, worms and trojans.



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    Why use costly software when alternate is available at free

    by Paras Yadav

    Can you imagine world with out computers? Our tasks, businesses, communication and what not will be mashed. Right!? To run software we use various kinds of softwares to ease our workloads.

    Every business to using computers to enhance their profit would definitely look for the best software they can get, and for that they pay huge amount of money. Well they are not doing any kind foolishness, but, meanwhile there are free softwares available that can be used as a substitute of the costly one.

    Yes, I am talking about free or lower prized software easily available on net, which are also dressed up with almost the same facilities, provided some the major software companies.

    Ignorance leads people to spend massive amount on software, as there are substitute for almost every single category of applications, which is being used on a daily basis.

    There are lots of programs out there that can do the job almost without spending a single penny. However, people think that only popular/branded products such as from Microsoft, Symantec, Adobe and many more are significant.

    In fact, our minds are not set to use other software made by small or middle sized companies, as it in state if it's free that it's not that good enough for them.

    Hundreds of Office Suite, Antivirus Software, shareware, Firewalls, System Maintenance Tools, CD Burning Software and freeware files are accessible on net, but because we acknowledge only major products.

    You can easily find website, providing free downloads for software of nearly every kind. Just use "free software download" for your search and you will receive list of numerous websites. This article is my sincere effort to stimulate people that there are several high-quality free programs out there on the internet that can do the same task as a commercially available program but without that expensive price tag.

    About the Author
    Paras Yadav: Web content and article writer, having experience of creating and editind over 3500 articles.
    Contact at:

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