Wednesday, December 21, 2005

VisualRoute 10.0e

With VisualRoute you can see via which way your datapacks are send over the ntwork. It also has a whois reporter and an eMailTracker.

This is changed:

Release 10.0e enchancements:

New report option for domain and network Whois information provides more detailed information about web domains, IP addresses and their network providers. Network reports include more contact information for Technical, Abuse and Organization contacts via clickable 'Handle' reports.

To view these reports, go to Options > Preferences > Display, and select the 'Use VisualRoute 7-style Whois reports'.

VisualRoute 2006 registered users may download and install the 10.0e using their existing product license, the update may be installed over the previous version.


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Monday, December 19, 2005

MSN Messenger 7.5 build 322

The developers of MSN Messenger has brought out a new build for the 7.5 series. It's only available in English for the moment.

This release is intended to try and fix sign in issues, John W. from MSN has listed the following things worked on:
- A lot of people were experiencing sign in issues with v7.5.311 (QFE2), we took some changes to fix that or to give better error messages to figure out what was going wrong. And there was another fix to get our error reporting correct. As a byproduct, there have been reports that sign in is faster. If you or someone you know was having sign in issues please give the 7.5.0322 build a try.

- In Korea, if you were using an IME (Input Method Editor), you would type shortcut for your favorite emoticon and get an extra character. Now emoticons are key to any IM program and it didn't make sense to not fix this (and we found a simple code fix). If you've got contacts in Korea, or know Korean yourself, give it a try!
If you had a Dynamic Background from Blue Mountain, bought it and installed it, then the Text Ads which you should have been getting while you had a Dynamic Background on weren't showing up.

- There is a DLL which is central to our Audio / Video features, we had to take a new version of that to fix a bug where Messenger would crash if you unplug a USB device after running the Audio Video Tuning Wizard on that device.

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