Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Software update: Paint.NET 2.5 beta 2

Paint.NZT is just updated to the second beta version of 2.5. This program is the middle of the with Windows delivered MS Paint and for example Adobe Photoshop. It only works with Windows XP, 2000 and 2003 Server and is developed in C#, so the .NET FrameWork has to be installed on your PC.


- Fixed crash when opening a Paint.NET (PDN) file saved with any older version
- Fixed eraser not drawing with brush size was 1 and anti-aliasing was turned off
- Fixed some layer thumbnail flickering, and a small performance issue

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Software update: RSS Menu 1.4

RSS Menu is a program for Mac OSX, with wich you can read so-called RSS-and Atom- feeds which are offered by different websites.


Version 1.4:
  • rewritten parser engine
  • added integration with iTunes Podcasts
  • added option to choose a webbrowser to open the articles
  • added support for more encodings, including Traditional Chinese (aka Big5)
  • fixed an issue with CData being wrongfully encoded
  • fixed an issue with OPML exporting/importing
  • fixed a crash when a feed didn't contain any data
  • fixed an issue when clicking on the feed submenu, it now points to the
    correct URL of the feed
  • HTML code is now removed
  • updated to use Growl 0.7.2
  • temporarily removed localizations (only English is
Version 1.3.3:

  • fixed an issue with drag & drop
  • fixed an issue with articles from Atom feeds
  • added Norwegian localization


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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Windows Vista Beta 2 in November

Microsoft will launch Windows Vista Beta 2 in November, reports The Inquirer.

Both Nvidia and ATI are working on Vista drivers, and once this operating system is out, people will be able to see that last year's decision by ATI to start using frameworks was not a bad idea after all.
All Vista drivers will need frameworks, as this is something what Microsoft demanded, it was not a choice, it was an order.

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Software update: Paint Shop Pro X 10.01

A few days ago has Corel brought out the first update oof Paint Shop Pro X. A few bugs are fixed and there are added new features.

Here is the complete list with changes:

General Fixes

  • The Browser palette's auto-scroll feature now stops when you select a
  • IPTC data edited via the Browser palette is now correctly saved.
  • Problems with adjusting Date Taken field on JPEG files have been fixed.
  • Problems launching Paint Shop Pro by double-clicking an image have been
  • The Date Taken field can now be set to dates prior to 1970.
  • Problems with saving paletted images have been fixed.
  • Saving 24-bit files to EPS/IFF/PCT/XWD formats no longer gives an incorrect
    message that the bit depth needs to be changed to 24-bit.
  • The Image > Arithmetic command now correctly clips color values.
  • Merging vector layers while the layer name is in rename mode no longer
    causes problems.
  • If you eject a CD while the Browser palette is generating thumbnails, Paint
    Shop Pro no longer becomes unstable.
Camera Raw Improvements

  • EXIF data is now fully supported in Camera Raw formats.
  • Camera Raw de-mosaicing quality has been improved.
  • The auto-rotate feature now works with Camera Raw files.
  • Nikon D50 Camera raw files are now supported.
  • Canon EOS Kiss Digital N Camera Raw files are now supported.
  • Olympus E-1, E-10, and E-20 Camera Raw files are now supported.
  • Canon Rebel XT/350D Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
  • Kodak DC760C Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
  • Pentax *istD Camera Raw thumbnail quality has been improved.
  • With the cursor over a Browser palette thumbnail of certain Camera Raw
    files, the tooltip info that appears no longer reports color photos as
TIFF Format Fixes

  • TIFF files containing multiple alpha channels are now saved correctly.
  • IPTC metadata is now correctly read from and saved to TIFF files.
  • Resolution settings are now saved correctly in CMYK TIFF files.
  • Problems with some CMYK TIFF files not generating preview thumbnails have
    been fixed.
  • Problems saving CMYK and RGB TIFF files have been fixed.
2000 (J2K) Format Fixes

  • Problems with JPEG 2000 (JP2) files containing transparency have been fixed.

  • Color shift issues when saving layered files to JPEG 2000 format have been


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Software update: Messenger Plus! 3.61.145

Patchou has launched an update for Messenger Plus! with version 3.61.145, which has fixed a few bugs out of version 3.60.144.


  • Bug fixed that caused detached tabbed chat windows to disappear.
  • Tabbed chats are not wrongly resized when closing an active chat containing
    an activity.
  • A "SideBarColor2" registry setting has been added to control the appearance
    of the Plus! side bar and the group bar (for tabbed chats). This value is used
    in conjunction with "SideBarColor" and should be set by skin installers when
  • Due to many recent error reports related to third party Messenger Plus!
    plugins, upgrading from a previous version of Messenger Plus! to this one will
    automatically disable every installed plugin in every account. You can then
    re-enable the plugins you want to enable, with the knowledge that if a problem
    occurs, the plugins are the first things you should try to disable. You are also
    encouraged to verify if new versions of the plugins you use are currently
    available for the new versions of MSN Messenger.
  • An important bug was fixed that caused Messenger to crash at startup. This
    bug was the result of network monitoring applications (such as firewalls)
    installed on some systems that are not using a subclassable hooking mechanism on
  • Note: the Tabbed Chats feature does not work correctly with WindowBlinds
    because of a bug in this software. If you want to use Tabbed Chats and have
    WindowBlinds installed, please add Messenger to your exclusion list.
  • A couple of display glitches have been fixed.
  • Downloadlink

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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Software update: PowerStrip 3.62

    PowerStrip is a handy all-in-one tool to tweak your display and video card. So it is possible to adapt the refreshrate of the monitor step by step and the videomemory and the GPU from the videocard to overlock. Yesterday Entech Taiwan has made available version 3.62 of PowerStrip. The changelog isn't know.
    You can download the update here.

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    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    Tips for GMail

    Extreme Tech has published an article to get the best out of GMail. A few tips.

    The keyboard shortcuts available within Gmail are, without any doubt, the quickest route to speedy productivity within the application.


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